Huida reached a strategic cooperation with the Inner Mongolia and Ningxia branches of Easy Home


Apr. 25, 2021 - On April 22, Li Jianfeng, vice president of domestic marketing of Huida, and his party were invited to attend the strategic press conference of Inner Mongolia and Ningxia Branch of Easy Home. On the morning of the 23rd, the two sides held a strategic cooperation communication meeting. After in - depth exchanges, the two sides reached a consensus and signed a regional strategic cooperation agreement.


Leaders attending the meeting include: Li Jianfeng, vice president of domestic marketing of Huida sanitary ware, song Liqiang, director of northwest region, Zhao Yanbin, director of North China region, Ma Lei, general manager of Yinchuan operation center, Du Zhiguang, general manager of Hohhot operation center, Xiong Shoufeng, general manager of Ningxia Branch of Inner Mongolia, and Jiang Dabai, director of investment promotion operation, as well as the person in charge of each store of Inner Mongolia and Ningxia Branch of Easy Home.


At the meeting, both sides reviewed the successful cases of cooperation in the past, and exchanged and shared the development trend of regional market in the future. Li Jianfeng, vice president of Easy Home, highly affirmed the planning and layout of Easy Home in Inner Mongolia and Ningxia, and said that he expected the two sides to open a new round of in - depth cooperation in brand entry, joint marketing, resource sharing and other aspects in the future.


The strategic cooperation between Huida and Inner Mongolia Ningxia Branch will enable Huida's strength in the regional market again. Relying onEasy Home's terminal network layout advantages, Huida will promote its rapid and high-quality development in the regional retail market.

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